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Month: June 2017

What is it about a storm…

…that comforts.

I like sunny days and the outdoors. But I like how I’m cozy in my quilts before I awake and greet the day much more.

And a storm, just like quilts, blankets the sky and shrouds the world in sanctuary.

Storms rain rejuvenation, cools the hot-headed, unwinds the stressed and soothes the troubled soul.

Bring me the lightning flash and thunderous roar.

It calls to me, like a choir calls to its congress, that all chaos, no matter how violent, will be conquered, and will return to calm.

My cat thinks he is a dog…


…he knows there is a difference between a dog and a cat. And he knows what makes him what he is: sharp claws, soft fur, long whiskers, limber legs, rolling meows and rumbling purrs. But he doesn’t know how he plays is like a dog. He doesn’t know how he curls next to you immediately when you sit is like a dog. He doesn’t know how he seeks your attention with his companionship is like a dog. Nor does he know why such a difference matters. Or perhaps he isn’t capable. Perhaps he doesn’t possess the same self-awareness as people do, to reflect on why he acts like a dog and not like a cat.

Maybe that’s why he seems so happy all the time.