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The fable of the Zephyr and the Dandelion represents what we hope to accomplish with our stories. We are all on a journey, and will experience peaks and valleys in our lives. Sometimes we can control what happens, and sometimes we cannot. These are stories of community, kindness and the magic that unites all of us. And they are meant to share experiences that  teach us, and to learn from how we behave along the way…

The Zephyr and the Dandelion

It’s a plain meadow and a cool spring day. Not too far away there is a stream, and beyond that the beginning of a thick forest. Inside the meadow the ordinary are found— small spiny shrubs, tuffs of wild grass, patches of dirt moist from the rain earlier that morning, and also, dandelions.

There are only a few. Their white parachute seeds are ready to take flight, but for now, they sway in rhythm with the gentle breeze. A gale sweeps the meadow. This only bobbles them a bit. The wind blows harder, and yet the dandelion seeds stay. Finally, a zephyr floats past, and carries them along with it.

Some land within the same meadow, others are taken far away. They flutter to the quick-flowing stream, amongst bland rocks and colorful flowers. They fall onto fertile soil where they can thrive and dried sand where they may not grow at all. Wherever they do go, it is the zephyr that takes them there.

And it is the zephyr that teaches the dandelion seeds four lessons:

  1. Do Good. Like a stone thrown into a pond, actions will ripple to effect others. No matter where you are from, or where you end up, we are all carried by the wind, and all should show each other compassion on our journey.
  2. Write in Ink. Just because what you wrote can be erased does not mean it was never written. Actions cannot be undone. Act with integrity, as your actions define who you are, and who you will become.
  3. Earn Your Title. A dandelion seed will always grow to become a dandelion, but they are not all the same. This isn’t because of where the zephyr takes them. It is because of where they lead themselves—to take on a path in life, to be defined by it.
  4. Follow the Wind. Although carried by the zephyr, a dandelion seed is not powerless. You can choose to fight where the wind takes you, or to embrace it.

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