Willow Tree’s Gift: A Book about Kindness

Sebastian Barnes has published a work of fiction for young adults, titled: Willow Tree’s Gift. It is a story about wonder, miracles, beauty and kindness. The work includes 21 illustrations masterfully drawn by Jordan Morris. You can purchase the novel in:

Hardcover in color from Barnes and Noble ($20.99),
Paperback in color from Barnes and Noble ($12.99),
Paperback in black-and-white from Amazon ($11.99), or
Electronically for Kindle ($5.99).

Not since Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince or Margery Williams’ The Velveteen Rabbit has there been such an authentic journey for young adults to welcome the power of kindness.

The little mouse doll woke one night beneath a willow tree before a storm. He didn’t know why he was brought from dreams to life, but he knew it was a gift. The willow tree is in a meadow between the farm and the forest. The Farmer is cruel because he worries for his son who is very ill. The farm animals fear the farmer and also the beasts that lurk in the forest. The forest is full of fright and a place of mystery and peril, but it also holds a hidden secret that can change everything.

The little mouse doll doesn’t belong on the farm or the forest. That doesn’t stop him from making friends who are kind, some enemies who are cruel, falling in love when it seemed impossible, and vowing to help the sick farmer’s child. But to save the farmer’s child he must learn the forest’s secret. And to learn it he must discover how truly kind or cruel the world is.

A storm is brewing…

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