What do you see when you look into the mirror?
I see someone of whom I am proud.

Of what are you proud?
I am proud of my values.

What are your values?
They are what define me.

How do they define you… by how you act?
I treat others as I would like to be.  I treat myself with the same respect.  I act the same when watched as when alone.  I act with purpose.

…By what you say?
I can say my word is my bond.  I can say my life has meaning.

…By what you know?
I know I do not have all the answers. I do not dread the knowledge I don’t know, and I will not shy away from finding it. I know one of the most rewarding feelings is to earn an answer, to earn your own accomplishment. I know the greatest mysteries in life are within us.

…By what you have learned?
I have learned the greatest lessons cannot be taught.  I have learned it is ok to have your heart broken.  I have learned how to love and to how be loved in return.  I have learned mistakes are made, how to never fall victim to regret, how to forgive oneself and how to accept actions as your own. I have learned how to live free from pain, fear, and guilt.

So these are your values.
Yes, you are the mirror, after all.