Our Ninth Ritual of Kindness

So, how has kindness inspired us this week? This was “Random Acts of Kindness” week and we explored the organizations and things people do to promote kind acts, aspiring to make the world a better place. I also shared advice a friend offered…

“The greatest contribution we as individuals can offer is the betterment of society…to make the world we live in a better place. It does not take a revolution to do so, simply a conscious act of will, every day.”

We then explored ways to inspire kind deeds. We talked about small, everyday ways we can do this, such as complimenting someone. While others you may need to plan, like buying someone a meal. And some you may need a larger commitment, such as volunteering a weekend to help a cause you believe in. We reinforced these ideas by sharing stories of kindness, and encouraged you to share yours too.

At the root of kindness there is teaching and learning. I wrote that…Kindness is taught by seeing, by doing, by repeating. “Random Acts of Kindness” day is a “cultural phenomenon” and shows how “how good breeds further good.” The value of teaching kindness has not gone unnoticed by larger organizations and they have produced media to encourage the importance of kindness. They also share “kindness techniques” to express empathy and manage conflicts.

But we must also teach ourselves how to be kind. As with any behavior we want to exhibit, we must practice to strengthen it. We talked about several self-improvement books we can explore and investing in our emotional health. And, “we must become our own best friends when investing in self-kindness.”

And I will conclude our ninth ritual of kindness with closing thoughts…your reasons do not matter, as long as you have the purity of your intent. It does not matter if you are driven by religious beliefs, aspire to a calling greater than ourselves, support “pay it forward,” or simply enjoy how it feels when you do good. What matters is the indelible impact you have on the people and things around you when you make the most of that moment to be kind.

Kindness is a means and ends onto itself.