Our Seventh Ritual of Kindness

So, how has kindness inspired us this week? This week we reflected on significant cultural elements and its influence on kindness. We began with the chivalric code, which defined the many relationships noblemen had during medieval times, namely their relationship with god, with his lord, his fellow countrymen…and with women… the most dramatized aspect of the code. I had reflected on this by writing…

First, doing anything is worth doing right…do not create a “non-committal” scenario by inviting her to “drinks”…Second, remember that you are looking for a partner and an equal opposite other, respect the give and take…Third, do not play games. Be direct and forthcoming with your desires…Fourth, and most of all, have respect for yourself, and use that as strength to extend that respect to your potential partner.

Next we explored Greek mythology and saw through legend that “heroism should be celebrated, how we should never forget to honor our heritage, that we must respect what we cannot control, and that a power left unchecked will be abused.” These stories were among the first recordings of man having an “enlightened purpose.”

Then we talked about the Hippocratic Oath, and how the concept of “do no harm” could apply to everyone, not just to caretakers, for we all have immeasurable capacity to help others. We concluded that entry by reflecting on the fable, “The Zephyr and the Dandelion” introduced by Moral Vignette, and shared oaths of kindness, namely to do good, write in ink, earn your title and follow the wind. We then discussed the evolution of folklore, a broad topic, but reflected on how it impacts us as individuals. We reminisced on the stories we were told when we were children, and the qualities they instilled in us. We closed the week talking about the Dali Lama and his reincarnations, and the legend of the Buddha. We explored the religion of kindness, and the path to end human suffering.

And I will conclude our seventh ritual of kindness with closing thoughts…we have more control of our lives, and our capacity to find fulfillment, than we realize. From chivalry and the Hippocratic Oath we learned we can create a code that becomes the best of us. From the Greek myths and folklore we were inspired to embody the best values within us. And from the Dali Lama and Buddha, we learned that our capacity for kindness, to impact others and ourselves positively, is endless. Perhaps this is a fitting place to end this week, for next week, we will explore the frontiers of love.