Our Tenth Ritual of Kindness

So, how has kindness inspired us this week? This week we explored archetypes. They are “themes…or patterns in our lives…that represent behaviors that influence us to act in a specific way.”

First we explored the primal archetypes of wind, water, fire and earth…and how their powers both control and relinquish. We next discussed the lessons our guardian angels teach us, which is “the world is not a random chaos, with no reason for the goodwill or heartache we face, but a paradise, for us to claim our fulfillment if we are bold enough to do so.” And we learned from our inner demon that… “The only way to vanquish this monstrous atrocity is to wish it away. It does not exist, for it is an invention of the worst versions of us.”

We next talked about the good in animals and how it does not matter if it is a tiny ant, or a grand bear…they all have a tale to share. Then we talked about leadership qualities at work, and the difference a kind leader can make. We explored how your outlook on sex is telling of your behavior, and the lessons we can learn from the scoundrels and the gentlemen. Finally we talked about lovers and fighters, how we must be both in a relationship, and how important it is to be so kindly.

And I will conclude our tenth ritual of kindness with closing thoughts…as long as you have the right perspective, with eyes to see and ears to hear, you will never stop learning. Seek new points of view, and use your judgment to decide what ideas are best for you. The ones that clash with yours may give you the best lessons. Some will teach you things you are comfortable with, and some will challenge you. Do not shy away from what makes you uncomfortable…even if it is not best for you, for you can least to observe, and find wisdom in knowing what is not right for you.

Your successes, your failures, your mentors, your adversaries, your blessings and your mistakes are the lesson plan of your life. Learning is just one of many ways we can better ourselves. And may you, for tomorrow, always find ways to grow, today.