Stories of Kindness

I hope yesterday was aspirational. Any day can offer opportunities to rekindle our “faith in humanity,” and I hope yesterday of all days gave you moments that took your breath away. I was fortunate to witness and read a few stories that took place on Random Acts of Kindness day. I would like to share a few of them…to reflect on how things ought to be.

As you read them, consider this…put yourself in the moment of the kind act. Imagine your thoughts as you observed the unfolding event. Then consider if you were committing the kind act…what must have been your reason to “do good?” Now, consider if you were receiving kindness…how would you feel before someone did good by you, and what would you feel after?

Think about how these three people were touched in that moment of kindness. How are they encouraged to foster such behavior in the future…and how would they treat others? If we are in a position to do good…to make things better…why wouldn’t we? I hope you think about the power we have to change our lives and others…the only thing stopping us is the decision to do so…

A man always picks a random dinner party when he visits his favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel, to pay for their meal. He times it just right so he leaves before the waiter can point him out to the receiving dinner party…he is never interested in accolades, only the message the waiter is instructed to tell them, which is to “pay it forward.”

During a wintery day a woman, with her infant baby, noticed an elderly lady struggle through the snow. The mother offered to take the senior where she needed to go, despite the errands the mother needed to run.

A man was taking a taxi to work because his car was in the mechanic’s shop. Along the way he and the taxi driver saw a woman and a child in a disabled car in the middle of traffic. They pulled over and pushed her car out of harms way.

A woman would go to the dollar store sometimes and buy several umbrellas to keep in her car. When it was raining, if she noticed people stranded under overhangs or trees to stay dry, she would give them one.

A married couple would use their sowing knowledge to make hearts out of spare fabric. On Valentine’s Day they would randomly hand them out…just because.

A young man recently became handicapped and was unable to walk distances. While leaving a store, an elderly lady noticed he was having trouble and asked if he needed help. They ended up having a pleasant conversation for an hour.

A young woman kept aspirational quotes in her purse and would look for opportune places…such as a library book, a waiting room magazine, a restaurant table…to leave messages for the next person to find.

I hope these little stories show you it does not matter who you are, what you do, how old you are, or what is within your means…you can always try to make the world around you a better place.