Storyteller’s Rose: A Book about Purpose

Sebastian A. Barnes has published a coming of age, fiction titled: The Storyteller’s Rose. It is about a young man on a journey to find his purpose in a fantastical land. The work includes 62 illustrations masterfully drawn by Jordan Morris. Purchase Book in Color or Purchase Book in Black and White.
The VagabondWhat is your purpose?

The Vagabond does not have one. He is a young man who loves to travel, longs for the next sunrise, and questions things not yet wondered. Above all, he follows the wind.

An old man, the Storyteller, visits him. The Storyteller’s purpose is to tell tales of the journey. He seeks an understudy, and it will be the Vagabond. The young man joins the old, and along the way they encounter strange characters and divine creatures, uncover ancient legends, and bring stories to life.

But there is more unfolding besides their journey. The stars mysteriously fade from the sky, mists grow darker every day, a nation is at war for no reason, and a shadow beast hunts the Storyteller.

The Vagabond is in the center of it, along with the purpose he is destined to fulfill.

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