What If We Lived Forever

Time is the ultimate limited resource. We can always grow more food. We can always build more things. We can always earn more money. As long as there are people with the will to think and wonder, all we touch is limitless…except for time.

We seem to never have enough. We hurry too often…to our destination…to our next promotion…to our next relationship…to our graves. We compare ourselves to others and see the things we do not have. And when we finally get the things we want, we want more. We show little patience, and we become short with others. We become ignorant and unkind. This leads to indifference, since our endless thirst trumps other’s feelings…all because we do not have the time.

But what if we did? What if our rush, our hustle, our non-stop-move-and-go can be slowed, because time was no longer a luxury but a commodity? What would change if we lived forever? Would we slow down, and not hurt others along the way, because we had all the time we need to earn the things we want? Or would we still race on, tramping those who get in our way?

Living peacefully isn’t measured by how long our lives are, but how we spend it. In my novel, Storyteller’s Rose, I wrote: “Men should not fear death, they should fear not living. Nor should they be afraid that life is too short. They should be afraid it would be too long.” I later add… “[Our] finite scope and limited perspective allows us to taste, touch, hear, see, and feel life. It allows us not just to live, but to thrive.”

Perhaps our lives were meant to end, to allow us to value what is precious. Our knowledge of its end should not be a cruel reminder, like a sharp knife cutting a fragile cord, but a kind one…how we should never take a moment for granted.

In this kind remember we must stop and breathe. To get there, simply ask: “where are my feet?” The answer, simply again: beneath you…grounded and present…in this moment. Meditation is wonderful art you can try as well. Meditation is not meant to control your thoughts, emotions or impulses to force yourself to be present, but rather, cultivates inner energy and guards you from negative reactions to negative forces, such as stress, anxiety or doubt. It helps you unwind your judgments that create prejudices. There are many types of meditation you can explore…to learn how your mind and body works, and processes the world around you. Sensing your heart beat…your depth of breath…the energy flowing within you…is empowerment.

Now consider instead of living forever, we could live each day twice. What would be different? The first time we live our day, we may be anxious or rushed. But the second time, there would be an absence of stress. If we knew what was going to happen in our day-to-day lives we can live more mindfully. We would have the confidence to be ourselves, because we know we can handle what is to come…because we handled it before. So…what stops us from behaving this way the first day?

Living forever…what a fantastical thought. If we cannot die, we would no longer have a fear of death. Would this also mean the end of cruelty? We will explore this tomorrow…if we were fearless.