What If We Were Good

Where is a safe place you can go?

Think about a place where you are not alone, but alone with friends or family. These are the people you can trust…rely on through good times and bad. If you had any disagreements, any quarrels, you will resolve them with reasonable contention, because you share values, and care for each other. How many places can you go where you feel this way? With co-workers? With long ago friends you keep in touch? How about with the stranger down the street? There are not many places…right?

In our first entry I wrote: I believe that most people are good, but that most people do not know how to be kind. Of those who know how, few actually are.

But, if most people are good…who would do the right thing when called…then why aren’t there more places where we feel safe? Why do we fear being vulnerable? Why do we believe people will hurt us if given the chance?

We are fooled into believing the world is a cruel place. But it is only if we let it. The greater fool is the one who believes we are fools when we are kind. Because we believe kind people are naive. Because we believe cruel people take advantage of kind people, just like the wolf stalks the sheep. Kind people have a great capacity for empathy, compassion and trust, because they choose to see the best in others. But we fool ourselves into believing such traits blind us to the sheepskin covered wolves.

So…are we foolish for being kind? To be exposed to possible peril, and the dagger waiting to stab at our open heart? Are we one kind act away from becoming a victim, helpless in the wake of cruelty?

No. You are not powerless. You have more power than you realize. Within you is the confidence that can scale mountains and tame lions. Within you is an inferno that is one spark away from lighting the world on fire. Within you is the hurricane, the earthquake, the volcano, and the meteor shower of force that can break through any barrier. It is a power so great, no one can take anything from you. Your respect, your dignity, your honor, your fulfillment, your self-worth, your purpose, is owned entirely by you, indivisible and inseparable from your identity, and cannot be altered with or distorted by anyone unless you let them. You are the captain of your consciousness, master of your awareness and pilot of your perception. You alone decide how others affect you.

The only foolish act is to let go of the helm of our lives, and let others drive. When we do, we create limits in our mind, see the world as a cruel place, and give ourselves excuses not to be kind…because if we are kind, we will get hurt, and be played for a fool.

Kindness is strength not a liability. This is because people are inherently good. And your kindness will encourage and empower that in others. Spread some kindness, in this kind world, today.